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Can Irish Tech Businesses Really Make the Most out of the...

A lot of tech businesses tend to look into the UK or even Europe if they want to expand. The truth is that there...

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Can Irish Tech Businesses Really Make the Most out of the Brazilian Market?

A lot of tech businesses tend to look into the UK or even Europe if they want to expand. The truth is that there...

What happens next in Venezuela’s political crisis

The current situation in Venezuela – two of the country's most powerful men warring against each other- hasn't really had any closure. Apart from...

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President Federico Franco announced on Wednesday that a military contingent was to be deployed to Concepción in Northern Paraguay following two separate attacks thought...

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Why Is Hybrid Flooring So Popular? Here’s 9 Great Reasons

If you are unfamiliar with hybrid floors, go to your nearest home improvement store and check them out. They are a combination of wood and vinyl but substantially better than both. They are created by taking the best attributes of each and putting them into one material, along with adding a core center to add to their comfort and usability.

What this does for you is gives you a durable floor that looks great in any style or design that you want. If that is not enough to get you excited about hybrid flooring options, read on to discover 9 great reasons why this is so.

  1. Waterproof – When you have wood floors in your home, you soon find that they are not waterproof. A few drops can cause stains on the floor that must be sanded out to remove. Vinyl offers a solution to this problem, but they do not look like natural wood. Hybrid flooring covers both, so it is an excellent choice for any room in your home or business.
  2. Scratch Resistant – Hybrid flooring is excellent for high-traffic areas, including spots with substantial amounts of children and fur baby traffic. Wood floors scratch very quickly, but vinyl does not, so you have a look you want, with the durability you need.
  3. Appeal – This has been mentioned a few times because it is that important. People are visual creatures, so they are prone to be more impressed by how something looks rather than how well it holds up to everyday use. The surprise for them will be that your hybrid floor looks great and is durable.
  4. Durability – Hybrid flooring can handle anything that is thrown at it. Whether you have a ton of heavy foot traffic, such as in a business office, or if you have kids that are hard on floors, they will last years longer than wood or vinyl flooring would.
  5. Noise – The way hybrid floors are designed helps reduce the sound made when walking across them, even for the people at the level of the house below the one you are moving around on. It is designed with an inner core that helps absorb impacts, and if you add the layer underneath, you will find these floors to be very quiet.
  6. Comfort – For the same reasons as above, the floors are designed for look, usability, and comfort. They are not hard like the other two options because they have been improved upon when being combined.
  7. Easy To Care For – Hybrid flooring styles do not require extensive cleaning. All you need to keep these floors looking great is to maintain them with regular sweeping and moping and cleaning up any spots that have been caused by spills or leaks.
  8. Easy To Install – If you have any home improvement skills, you can install these floors independently. They snap into place and are held down by the trim pieces around the walls’ bottom. They do not need to be glued or nailed into place because they are floating floors, which means they can move and flex as they age.
  9. Smaller Footprints – Hybrid materials give you much better insulation from the weather than vinyl or wood could do on their own. This makes it possible for you to turn the thermometer down. Even one degree has shown a significant drop in energy consumption, which means that you and your home will leave a smaller footprint than homes not equipped with hybrid floors.

It is as simple as that. People love innovative technology, and hybrid floors can offer them that. It provides the homeowner the best of both worlds and leaves the bad aspects of the others where they belong. Hybrid floors will be the choice for people in the future because they are cheaper to buy, produce, and install. Nothing could be better when considering a new floor in the house, especially when looking for the best combination of style and functionality.


How Technology Will Transform The Insurance Sector In 2022

Whether you like it or not, the world is in the midst of a technological era that is changing how consumers conduct business. The increase in digitized insurance platforms was in the making before the pandemic. Since then, it has become more of a need than a want. Innovative technology is taking over the world, including within the insurance sector in 2022.

You may be wondering how that technology will transform the insurance industry, and you would be right to ponder the question. Let’s take a look at how some of the new techs will affect insurance carriers and consumers throughout the year, and in the upcoming years.

  • Customer Demand – Insurance companies are in business to make a profit.To do that, they must follow current and future trends, starting with what the customer wants. Customers dictate how companies conduct themselves, making it imperative for insurance carriers to adapt and change. Currently, customers want more online platforms and less one-on-one time with agents. People know that if they cut out the people in the middle, their prices will go down. In theory, at least.
  • Self-Service – Perhaps one of the most significant changes that will be seen will be the ability of the consumers to file their own applications. The days of sitting at a desk with an agent to discuss the details are long gone. You can conduct all your business online, starting from the application and ending with any claims you may need to file.
  • Virtual Customer Service – People always have questions that need answering. Consumers want to ensure they get what they need in their insurance policies.They will need to change addresses or personal information, and so on. You get the point. What a virtual agent can do for you is to answer your questions and direct you to the information that you need to answer your queries. Soon, these chatbots will be infused with AI technology and can make all of the decisions on the issues that people like to ask about. Virtual customer service is the trend of the future. One that companies like iSelect promote through their online comparison platforms.
  • Smart Contracts – One of the most exciting changes you will see is a substantial increase in the use of smart contracts that can be completed online.These contracts do not rely upon human interference because they run through Artificial Intelligence (AI). What this means to you is that you fill out the application online through the insurance carrier’s platform. Once uploaded, the AI system will go through it within a few minutes. It will then send you the policy that they would be willing to offer you based on that information.
  • Cloud Computing – Blockchain is an innovative technology that is not new on the market, but it has been gaining popularity over the years. It is a way for numerous people on the same platform to share information with each other.A medical facility on one side of the country will upload the information they have on a patient, which an insurance agent on the other side of the nation can see while going over an application for coverage. This type of cloud computing makes it much easier for insurance carriers to verify and find facts about their potential consumers.

This is in no way a complete list of what you can expect from all the innovative technology on the market. In 2022 and beyond, you will see that AI systems will be taking over the majority of tasks that the insurance industry demands. There will always be people you can talk to when needed. But for the most part, you will be communicating with smart computer systems that run everything by the book.

Hiring a Painter – Tips for Getting the Right One

How do you know you’re hiring the right painter? One of the most important things to consider when hiring a painter is the experience of the company or individual. When looking at their qualifications, there are the qualities you should be looking for in your painter.

How to Find a Painter

It’s time to get painting. Whether you need help decorating your living room or are undertaking major renovations, hiring a painter can be essential. It’s worth taking the time to find a painter in Glasgow that is right for you.

So let’s look at questions to ask yourself before you hire a painter.

What Kind of Painter do you Need?

Hiring someone to paint your house can be a difficult decision. But before you rush out and hire someone, there are some things you need to know. Do you have any special requirements? And how do you go about finding the right painter for your project? You’ll have an easy time choosing a painter depending on your needs.

What Should you ask the painter?

It’s often tempting to grab whatever painter you can find and be done with it. But before hiring a painter, there are several essential factors you should keep in mind to ensure that your choice will give you good value for money. That also ensures that you and your property are safe from any potential damage.

The vital question to ask the painter is their specialization – in interior or exterior painting. While some painters do both, most specialize in one area or another.

What’s the Price?

When hiring any professional service, one of your questions should be how much it will cost. But you can’t just ask How much? and expect to get an honest answer. Instead, work through these steps:

  • Do some research on similar projects in your area
  • Make sure you know what the scope of work is
  • Ask about materials
  • Get multiple quotes from different contractors

This way, when you do finally talk price, you have more information—and more leverage—to negotiate a fair deal. If a painter says they are booked up for three months but wants to give you a special price on your project, that might not be such a good deal after all.

How Should you pay?

What can you expect to pay? Costs will vary depending on your location and how much work needs to be done. Prices per hour typically differ depending on the type of work.

If it’s just a one-time project, expect to pay more. For example, if you hire someone for only 5 days total, that will be pretty expensive! But if they’ll be doing several jobs over time, it might make sense to ask for a discount.


A good painter doesn’t just create beauty—they also work to protect it. If you’re considering hiring a painter, make sure you do your homework. These questions will help you narrow down your options. And you can find someone who matches your style and budget.

Tips To Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Taking your business online can have its advantages, yet it can likewise build the gamble of tricks and security dangers. Follow our means to assist with safeguarding your business from cyber dangers. A solitary cyber-assault could genuinely harm your business and its reputation.As late information breaks demonstrate, businesses of various types, sizes and in all areas are at genuine gamble of a cyber assault out of nowhere.   Companies have been looking for various ways to protect their business and content online as well. We can see companies and governments working to make their business and content online safe like the online safety bill that has passed to protect businesses as well as children from unlawful content online etc.   We will talk about some tips on how we can protect data online.  
  1. Encrypt and Data Backup

Backing up your business’ information and site will assist you with recuperating any data you lose assuming you experience a cyber occurrence or have PC issues. It’s really smart to utilize numerous back-up techniques to assist with guaranteeing the security of your significant files. A successful cyber wrongdoing insurance methodology should comprise of two components: forestalling actual admittance to delicate information and delivering that information futile assuming it falls into some unacceptable hands. Also check that this product is actuated and updated on all organization gadgets. Furthermore, limit how much time a PC sits unused and opened by setting all gadgets to consequently enter ‘rest’ or ‘lock’ mode following five minutes of no utilization.  
  1.  Educate Workforce

Restricting employees from involving their own gadgets for work might appear to be a conspicuous methodology, yet this technique only sometimes works in the long haul. As staff individuals become worn out on the burden, they are probably going to get back to getting to deal with individual gadgets, paying little heed to approaches disallowing this.   It is in this way more significant to show staff how to involve both their own gadgets and work gadgets in a manner that limits the gamble of being hacked. First spot on the list ought to instruct them about the dangers related with utilizing unstable organizations to get to work data.  
  1. Secure Your Network

Updates fix genuine security flaws, so it is vital to never overlook update prompts. Introduce security programming on your business PCs and gadgets to assist with forestalling contamination. Ensure the product incorporates infection, hostile to spyware and against spam channels. Malware or infections can taint your PCs, PCs and cell phones.   A firewall is a piece of programming or equipment that sits between your PC and the web. It goes about as the guardian for all approaching and active traffic. Setting up a firewall will safeguard your business’ inner organizations, yet should be routinely fixed to take care of their business. Make sure to introduce the firewall on the entirety of your convenient business gadgets. Use spam channels to decrease how much spam and phishing messages that your business gets. Spam and phishing messages can be utilized to taint your PC with infections or malware or take your classified data. Assuming you get spam or phishing messages, the best thing to do is erase them. Applying a spam channel will assist with diminishing the opportunity of you or your employees opening a spam or unscrupulous email unintentionally.  
  1. Cyber Security Insurance

Since cyber crooks keep on working indefatigably to track down perpetually progressed approaches to breaking security safeguards, even the most security-cognizant businesses stay in danger of an assault. US investigation into the expense of information breaks has shown that in 2017, the global normal expense of a solitary information break occasion was USD 3.6m – comparable to USD 141 for every information record. The misfortunes that can be caused from information brakes are best alleviated by putting resources into cyber security protection, yet just 9% of UK businesses and 15% of US businesses have this sort of protection, as per the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and the US Better Business Bureau, individually.  
  1. No Password Sharing

Bosses can make a security cognizant culture in which secret word sharing only occasionally occurs. By instructing staff individuals on the dangers, yet additionally by showing others how its done and never sharing passwords or asking staff individuals to briefly sign in visitors, workers for hire and recently added team members. Utilizing conventions, for example, making brief passwords for workers for hire or facilitating the onboarding system for fresh recruits, will likewise assist with limiting situations in which secret phrase sharing is required in the working environment.

Bottom Line

  Despite the fact that the danger of cyber attacks is genuine, it’s not difficult to disregard it until one strikes. Nonetheless, on the off chance that your organization has an online presence, stores client and friends information on advanced gadgets and utilises cloud-based programming, an exhaustive cyber security methodology is fundamental.   As framed in this article, the means to accomplishing the inner harmony and monetary security that such a technique brings ought to include the utilization of up-to-date information encryption, information back-up, and firewalls hostile to malware programming. Executing this close by careful and continuous worker schooling on cyber security truly is your smartest option to guaranteeing that the danger of a cyber assault never turns into your existence.

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