About Us

Pulsamérica is a Latin American news link that provides a succinct, impartial summary of Latin American and Latin American international relations news on a country-by-country, topical basis. Free from mass-media bias and international agendas, Pulsamérica brings you the news as it is being reported ‘at home’.

By synthesizing the Spanish, Portuguese, Guarani, and French language media across Latin America, our highly educated and experienced team brings you a digest of what’s happening everywhere on the continent as well as Latin American actions globally.

A unique resource, Pulsamérica is used by universities, newspapers, government officials, business owners, and charities across the globe, providing a clean and accessible insight into the national events that lie forgotten by the rest of the English-speaking media.

If you are interested in contributing to Pulsamerica – whether one article, multiple articles, or in a more official manner, please visit the WRITE FOR US page for more information