The 44 Luckiest Countries in the World


A country is deemed lucky based on the conditions of its citizens and the residents. Factors like development in the education sector, career growth, life satisfaction, healthcare and financial stability are all necessary factors in determining how lucky a country is.

To get a better picture, the ABCD agency conducted a thorough study of the various nations and presented a list of 44 luckiest nations of the world as of 2021.

Countries among the top 44 luckiest in the world

As mentioned above, based on the study conducted by ABCD agency that was completed in July 2021, the 44 luckiest countries of the world are –

  1. Switzerland with a total score of 100 in all aspects.
  2. Iceland has scored 91.49 winning 2nd place in the list.
  3. Norway has a score of 89.39 with 100 in the life satisfaction index.
  4. Luxembourg has an 89.31 overall ranking index with a 90+ score in the life satisfaction index and career opportunities.
  5. Denmark stands at 5th position as the home to the luckiest people of the world with 84.91
  6. Finland has a high life satisfaction index with a shallow financial index and a total of 80.52.
  7. Australia follows closely with 80.50 according to the study conducted and has one of the best safety and healthcare facilities worldwide.
  8. Sweden ranks in the 8th position with a score of 80.22.
  9. Austria has an overall score of 78.47 thus pushing it to the 9th position on the global index charting.
  10. The Netherlands is low on financial standing but with an average of 78.31 is the 10th rank holder as the home to the luckiest people of the world.
  11. The island nation of New Zealand stands at 11th position with an overall score of 76.41.
  12. With a very high healthcare index and opportunities in terms of schooling and career, Ireland holds the 12th position for the luckiest nations with a score of 76.19.
  13. Belgium with 75.87, has lower financial independence but scores high in terms of health index.
  14. Canada is a land full of job opportunities and a better standard of living with a score of 75.61.
  15. France with an overall score of 72.37 has under 60 on the career opportunities index and is yet ranked among the top 20 luckiest nations globally.
  16. The United Kingdom has a highly promising career opportunity growth score with an average of 71.72.
  17. With a score of 71.46, Germany is one of the fastest developing nations in terms of opportunities in career and education along with a very good healthcare and taxation system.
  18. The United States, with an overall score of 62.65, only has a low life satisfaction score of 42. However it is regarded as one of the leading nations for opportunities in terms of education and career.
  19. Japan is notably one of the best nations to live in with a score of 62.18. This is the country that holds the world’s strongest passport with visa free entry to over 150 nations.
  20. Slovenia, with an average score of 57.19 has a very poor financial score, but makes it up with good health and life satisfaction index

The other 24 nations in the global ranking of the 44 luckiest countries of 2021 are –

21. Spain

22. Italy

23. The Czech Republic

24. Estonia

25. Portugal

26. Korea

27. Israel

28. Poland

29. Slovakia

30. Lithuania

31. Latvia

32. Hungary

33. Greece

34. Chile

35. Turkey

36. Mexico

37. Singapore

38. Costa Rica

39. India

40. Russia

41. South Africa

42. Argentina

43. Brazil

44. Bulgaria

This list is a very intricate study of millions of records and numbers conducted and tallied by hundreds of expert analysts worldwide. However, with time in a few years this data can fluctuate and show different results.